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根据 GB/T2828.1-2003 等国度抽样尺度,对产物消费各环节的抽样法式、抽样计划、质量内控尺度、查验程度、领受质量限( AQL )等都停止体系划定,订定企业内控尺度,且企业内控尺度均契合或严于国家标准、行业标准,包管产品质量持久不变,包管不合格产物不出厂。日泰鞋业已可以完美信息处理控制程序,可以实时发明成绩,实时采纳改正预防措施。相干部分对与质量有关的数据、信息等方面,采纳掌握图、因果图、相干图、布列图、统计分析表、鱼刺图、资料分层法、分布图等方法停止系统分析,对非常成果接纳科学的“ PDCA 模式”停止连续改良,做到实时发明实时处置等。经由过程对证量的掌握,日泰产物的质量损失率由 2002 年 0.18% 逐渐降落到 2004 年的 0.13% ,贩卖功绩稳步高升,主顾合意度逐年提高。据查询拜访统计,日泰品牌 2002 年的主顾合意度达 97.0 %, 2003 年达 97.3 %, 2004 年达 97.4 %。日泰鞋业曾投入巨资引进一批国内外先辈的检测装备,根本笼盖鞋类产物所需的实验装备和丈量仪器。


After Sales Service Line: 400 0296 315

Operation Time: 8:00-11:30 am, 13:30-17:00pm

The warranty covers any quality issues arising from non-artificial factors within the warranty period (valid for 3 months from the date of purchase for natural leather shoes, and 2 months for non-genuine leather shoes), for all who hold effective proof of purchase.

Replacement Guaranteed

If there is any unpaired or not of uniform size for any unworn new shoes, you are entitled to be exchangeable within 7 days.

When glue failure is arisen for internal glued leather shoes within one week under normal dressing condition (Upper-sole adhesion is come unglued or the expansion length 2 cm, depth above 0.5cm); the vamp is serious coat shedding or nitrating, you are entitled to exchange a similar new shoes.

If the repairing on the same part is failed twice within one month relating to the quality issues covered in the warranty, it may collect 0.5% of original price per day as depreciation expense according to the circumstances for the exchange of new shoes.

Refund Guaranteed

When there is any problem related to shank broken, serious vamp broken, heel broken under normal condition within one month.

The quality issues covered in Replacement Guaranteed Clause are not exchangeable for some reason.

Repair Guaranteed

Repair is guaranteed for any causes involving sole broken, heel broken, vamp broken, line broken of upper-sole, uneven nailing, loose heel, glue failure, zipper failure, elastic band broken, stitching failure, heel palm unglued within 3 months under normal conditions.

Since its establishment, RITAI carried out the quality policy of Quality-based Scaling and Quality-support Development, after a long term exploration and attempts, a dumbbell-oriented management mode is set up and performed, which is a management system that emphasizes on both product R&D and marketing, while the production process is in number two but links both. It makes market research, design, manufacture and after sales service by implementing overall quality management and fully suiting the needs of customers. RITAI establishes its quality control system in accordance with National Quality Control and Quality Assurance Standard and other international accepted advanced management standards.

It performs national sampling method stipulated in GB/T2828.1-2003 and makes out its enterprise standards ranging from sampling procedures, sampling plan, quality control method, inspection levels, acceptance quality limit (AQL) to other systematic rules, its enterprise standards ensures the quality of products to be long stable and no unqualified products to be delivered as per or above national and industrial standards. RITAI has perfected its information handling control process to find the cause of problem in time and make countermeasure timely. The corresponding departments make systematic analysis on the data or information relating to the quality by applying control chart, cause-effect diagram, pareto chart, statistical tables, fishbone diagram, data layering method and scatter diagram etc., and makes continuous improvements and troubleshooting on abnormal results in time by applying scientific PDCA mode. After the process of quality control, RITAI mass loss rate reduced from 0.18% in 2002 gradually to 0.13% in 2004, but its sales gain was steadily increased and customer satisfaction was also higher. According to the survey, its customer satisfaction rate reached 97.0% in 2002, 97.3% in 2003, further 97.4% in 2004. RITAI has invested vastly in importing a lot of domestic & overseas inspection facilities that basically cover testing instrumentation and measuring devices required for shoes. As thus, its quality lays a solid foundation for its market competition.